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Another option that we make available to help clients reduce the costs of air ambulance flights, without compromising the quality of medical care, is the arranging of air ambulance connections. If we find "empty legs" (note that there are two "legs" on any air ambulance flight - one from the patient's location to their destination and the other is the returning flight) on any currently scheduled air ambulance flights, we can arrange to make them available to others for a lesser fee.

Attempts to create travel efficiencies through air ambulance connections, although not always feasible in the circumstances of critical care, is an obvious advantage to those patients who in need of air ambulance services but their medical condition is stable enough to allow for flexible travel.

Flights listed below include those air ambulance connections that are currently available. These air ambulance flights are listed in order of date but we recommend that you review all air ambulance connections listings.

For details and a quote on a customized flight plan, please contact an air ambulance consultant.









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air ambulance director
Few air medical transport companies have the same level of physician involvement as Air MD.

Dr. Kenneth Kreye, a board-certified emergency physician, directs all patient transfers and medical care. In addition to the superior in-flight medical training he requires for his staff, he's also created a very personal, compassionate culture so that each patient and their families experience a comfortable and compassionate air ambulance flight.
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