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On the surface, air ambulance companies may appear to be the same and, as a result, you may be inclined to make your medical flight selection based primarily on availability and/or cost. For those of us in the medical field, especially those with experience in the air ambulance business, it is readily apparent that not all air ambulance companies are comparable. So without experience, how can you recognize these differences?

Consider your own experiences with medical professionals and it's likely that you'll recall some of them whom you preferred over others. Why? Were they more compassionate? Did they take a special interest in you? Maybe they were a little more adept at inserting those needles or they simply took a moment to fluff your pillow. Isn't it interesting that most of us evaluate our level of medical care on the personal attention - the "bedside manner" - we experience?

Physician Directed Flights Lead to Quality Care

If the "bedside manner" is an important factor in your medical flight selection, then you should look no further than AirMD. Dr. Kenneth Kreye, the directing physician of all medical flights, is a seasoned in-flight doctor and a kind, gentle man. When patients are in some of their most vulnerable conditions, he treats them with dignity and respect. Call AirMD to speak directly with Dr. Kreye about your loved one's medical flight needs and you will sense the warmth and care - even over the phone.

He and his AirMD Air Ambulance team continually inform your loved one and of their condition in terms you will easily understand. We believe that it's important for everyone involved in the care of your loved one to be informed - it's the "not knowing" that often makes a medical emergency difficult to bear.

The Most Advanced Medical Flight Equipment Available

We strive to source aircraft fleet with the most advanced medical tools and equipment available to ensure the effective medical care. AirMD Air Ambulance arranges services for individual patients and family members, managed care companies, health maintenance organizations, national embassies and other medical care providers.







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Few air medical transport companies have the same level of physician involvement as Air MD.

Dr. Kenneth Kreye, a board-certified emergency physician, directs all patient transfers and medical care. In addition to the superior in-flight medical training he requires for his staff, he's also created a very personal, compassionate culture so that each patient and their families experience a comfortable and compassionate air ambulance flight.
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