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AirMD arranges diverse medical flight services, ranging from professional air ambulance (i.e. medical transport) and other forms of patient relocation to delivering life-saving donor organs to patients hundreds or thousands of miles away. We also provide patient repatriation for those who have become injured or ill while away from home and require medical flight services.

With emergency air medical flight experience and training, staff are equipped to deliver patients suffering from a number of injuries and illnesses including, but not limited to, the following: burns, strokes, cancer, cardiac and advanced head and spinal cord injury.

What can you expect from an air ambulance service provider?

The air ambulance company that you choose should be easily accessible to answer your questions, address your concerns, and plan for the most appropriate means of transportation and medical care. For instance, AirMD is managed directly by a board-certified emergency physician. Dr. Kenneth Kreye will, in many cases, work with clients personally to plan for the air ambulance services required. If the company makes you feel as if they are transporting cargo instead of precious individuals in a vulnerable state, you should reconsider your selection.

Additionally, your loved one should be the only patient on the air ambulance flight to assure personal attention and medical care.

The company should offer air ambulance services within your geographic requirements; by example, AirMD air ambulance arranges domestic medical transportation through its long-standing relationships with trusted partners worldwide, and accommodate international air ambulance needs as well.

Your air ambulance provider should be available to respond within one to two hours of your loved one's medical emergency. The company should also offer air ambulance services 365 days each year - regardless of the time of day, day of the week or season of the year. Some of the best indicators that your air ambulance service provider is equipped to meet your loved one's needs include: significant in-flight medical experience, previous client testimonials or references, all required licensing, insurance and certifications kept current, "bed-to-bed" service as standard practice.

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Few air medical transport companies have the same level of physician involvement as Air MD.

Dr. Kenneth Kreye, a board-certified emergency physician, directs all patient transfers and medical care. In addition to the superior in-flight medical training he requires for his staff, he's also created a very personal, compassionate culture so that each patient and their families experience a comfortable and compassionate air ambulance flight.
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Air MD arranges and utilizes the services of affiliated partners who hold a certified FAA Part 135 air carrier certificate to provide non-emergency air medical transportation services. Air MD is solely an "Indirect Air Carrier" and does not retain economic authority conferred by the Civil Aeronautics Board under the 14 C.F.R. Part 135 regulations. Air MD does not perform, retain or execute any form of operational control in accordance with the FAA F.A. R. 14 C.F. Part 135 Regulations.